How It Works

How does it work?

With ChirpChange, you agree to donate a few cents to the charity of your choice every time Donald Trump tweets from his personal twitter account, @realDonaldTrump.

We add up the tweets each month and you donate the total. All donations are securely processed through our partner PandaPay.

Are my donations tax deductible?

Yes, PandaPay will provide an email receipt for each donation which can be used to prove tax deduction eligibility.

How did ChirpChange choose these charities?

We chose our charities because they are well-known, highly-rated and work towards causes that are important to everyone. In the future, we may expand the number of charities available on ChirpChange.

Can I give to more than one charity?

Yes! You can create subscriptions for multiple charities and each subscription can be managed individually. See the charities.

Is my information secure?

All payment information is handled by PandaPay's secure payment processing system. We never see or save your payment information.

Are there any processing fees?

Yes, there is an average processing fee of 10% to cover transaction costs and to operate the site. PandaPay, our payment processing partner, requires a 3.9% processing fee as well as an industry-standard $0.30 flat fee per transaction, resulting in a variable fee based on the size of each donation. ChirpChange maintains a 5% transaction fee.

Due to the flat fee, smaller donations may require a total processing fee as high as 14%. In order to minimize these fees, smaller donations will be billed every two months instead of monthly.

How often will I be billed?

Donations over $10/month will be billed at the end of every month. If your donation is less than $10 for a month, you will instead be billed the following month (even if that total is still under $10). We do this to reduce transaction fees, which include an industry-standard flat fee.

What if Donald doesn't tweet?

In the unlikely event that Donald Trump does not tweet in a month, or there are too few tweets to cover transaction fees, you will not make a donation.

How do I cancel or change my donation?

You can log in and view your accounts settings to cancel or change a donation subscription at any time.

Do I need to live in the United States or have U.S. citizenship to donate?

Anyone can donate! The tax deduction documents provided by PandaPay only apply if you pay taxes in the United States.